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Here you will be shown what you get from us totally free. All you need is some time and patience to you at your own discussion platform on the internet to build. With our phpBB3 forum software you're protected on all points.

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Some of the styles are available and can be changed:

  • AcidTech: Forum & Portal
    subBlack: Forum Overview
    prosilver Special green
    pro green

  • Wow: Horde
    prosilver SE Anna
    Brown Choco
    610 nm
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  • Free phpBB3 Forum

    Do not wait, you sign up today for your own forum. You should you take the time to know exactly all the features to learn. In the admin area is the most expresses, should you not understand something you find in our support forum more tips and help topics. There use the Advanced search in the phpbb3 category.
    » Free Advertising Forum - You you can in our management area several additional services ordered as a separate domain / web address or a commercial-free forum and all extremely favorable.
    » Edit Styles - Only here you can change the styles you almost completely and thus adapt the forum to the website or you create your own style (board design).
    » Portal - Exclusive we have a portal with over 20 preinstalled blocks and 5 own. The blocks can be fitted with HTML code, eingekappt and moved in the portal. The admin can also change the order of the blocks in the admin area and choose between two different block layouts.
    » Portal Blocks - Shoutbox, calendar, news items, statistics Adv, translation, clock, main menu, submenu, search, music player (possible own playlist), surveys, news (all posts), display advertisements, photo gallery and so on and so forth. Oh, and forget not, those were only the portal blocks!

    Now enjoy Forums3.com and the free phpbb3 forum hosting service!

What is phpBB3?

phpBB3 is a open source forum software for small and large forums.

What is forums3.com?

We offer you on this page of your own free phpBB3 forum with a different software which enables you to create almost anything. Styles are completely modifiable. It is a complete integrated photo gallery and for boring times an online games section.